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Big Data Solutions

Promotive helps the automotive sector to glimpse the strategic values and take full advantage of their assets

Business Intelligence

Increase and enrich actionable data with great insights in the automotive industry. We facilitate a more strategical decision making.

Artificial Intelligence

We use AI to take full advantage of our expertise to analyze future markets based on all our data inputs. 

Digital Commerce

Product promotion, pricing, analytics, product specifications, customer adquistion and retention. 

We provide custom solutions based on the high-quality information of our data on the automotive sector

Our main data sources are:





& Studies

That we enhance with :




Your own

Delivering high end solutions such as:






+ 800 TB
Enriched Automotive Data
+ 5373896
Catalogued part numbers in LATAM
+ 185
Automotive & Manufacturers Brands

Visualize and compare the characteristics of the main vehicles sold in the Latin American market, with prices, technical specifications and equipment.

Vehicle prices

Get data on vehicle prices filtered by country.  Our prices get updated each month. 

Used Vehicle Prices

Reference prices on used vehicles that can be used and enriched with additional market databases.

Technical Specifications

Databases with technical data and equipment references of used and new cars.

API Access / Web Services

Connect, access and update all vehicle data, stats, pictures and prices in an easy way through our web services. 

Strategic information of the automotive market with just one click. Powerful dashboards to make decisions, act based on the market reality and anticipate market demands.

Decision Making

Move towards a more strategically geared decision making model, to make the right decisions with confidence, with the help of our data and expertise.

Coverage and Gap

Unlock the full potential of your products and maximize your profitability by finding the gaps you are not covering.


OEM detail by brand and code of the vehicles (cars, light vehicles, trucks and buses) that are being introduced in the market. Includes images of engines and components.

Demand Forecast

Know the needs of the current parc, being able to select your entire country, a province or city and based on that provide the approximate demand that the parc generates.

Omnichannel platform for online auto parts sales. Integrate your catalog with the main marketplaces. Manage all your orders, questions, stock and listings from the same dashboard.

Easily understood navigation

Navigation might very well be the most important part of a store’s design. Good navigation helps new shoppers find what they are looking for without hassle with our exclusive widget. On the other hand, poor navigation frustrates them and may even lead them to abandon your store.

On every screen

Responsive design matches every screen size. Let your customers acess your Digital store from all devices: phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers

ERP Integration

Integrate your sales channels with your ERP system allows you to operate more efficiently as a business. Your main types of data – order, inventory, item, customer, and shipping/tracking – are communicated between your once independent systems.

Live e-Commerce

All your products, all your specifications, all your codes, prices and stock will be reflected in real time. Our methodology passes first through an exhaustive Data assessment process to enrich all data to be search and sold, and then match it to your ERP. There is no way to miss by error and goes straight live to customers. REAL and LIVE information.

Creation of online stores and development of catalogs filtered by vehicle, version and year, that can be accessed in web, mobile and pdf format.

Multi-channel in one place

No more switching between various platforms and struggling to manage multiple product catalogs.

Data from multiple sources

Import product information from various channel listings and vendor feeds.

Post to multiple channels

Expand your reach with our extensive list of integrated channels. List on them all without ever leaving Catalog 360.

Marketplace Integration

Manage your publications in an agile way. With our Images, Attributes, Descriptions, Publications, Mass Publisher, and Categories modules, easily manage all your operations in the main marketplaces in bulk.